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If you’re still in the developmental stage, or simply not ready for production tooling, Precise Tool & Mold Co., Inc. can create prototype tooling and parts to validate your components.
Prototyping options include:

  1. SLA/SLS 3D Models: Prototype modeling technology has greatly improved over the past 5 years. 3D prototyping can now provide fast turnaround times and produce sample parts similar to a variety of common materials (e.g. Nylon, Acrylic, ABS etc.). Prototypes made with this technology yield good tolerance components that can be used to validate part design and functionality. They can also be used to validate multiple component assemblies and production processes. Modern 3D models can also provide you with functional, small lot component samples for marketing and field testing.
  2. Prototype “Soft” Tooling: This process uses aluminum as the basis for mold construction. Aluminum has the advantage of being easily machined, which speeds up mold construction time versus full hardened production tooling. There are some limitations on part complexity, tolerances and the number of parts that can be produced from “soft” aluminum tooling.
  3. Pre-Production Tooling: This prototyping method takes advantage of one of our standard mold bases or MUD Systems. We create an insert made from a pre-hardened tool steel (P-20), and install into a PTM mold base, saving the customer the expense of the mold base. Construction time is a little longer than “soft” aluminum tooling, but the resulting tool is more easily modified and is good for many thousands of parts. There are some limitations on the complexity of the part, but the flexibility of this form of prototyping allows for cost-effective prototypes and pre-production samples.
  4. Machined Prototypes: In cases where 3D Modeling or Prototype tooling are not feasible, Precise Tool & Mold Co., Inc. can provide CNC machining services to create your sample parts. We understand plastic materials and can help you select the appropriate resin for a machined prototype part. We can even combine various prototype processes to provide you with the sample components needed to validate your part design and manufacturing processes.

Each prototyping process combines our over 40 years experience with modern scientific molding and tooling practices. We want you to be comfortable with your decision in choosing Precise Tool & Mold Co., Inc. for your plastic prototypes and molds. Your complete satisfaction is important to us. If you have any questions regarding our prototyping or product design services, please contact us.

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