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Industrial Injection Molding

Precise Tool & Mold Co. has a long history of providing precision injection molding solutions to the Industrial market. With the advancement in thermoplastic resin materials, more and more metal components utilized in the Industrial market are being converted to plastic parts. Weight reductions, cost savings and improved lead-times are added benefits when changing to plastic parts.

Customers in the Industrial market often face demanding applications for their products. Whether they have extreme operating temperatures, harsh chemicals or high impact applications, Industrial customers need a molder who is an expert in processing engineered thermoplastics. They also need a supplier that can provide product design assistance for these challenging injection molding parts.

Precise Tool & Mold Co. has the secondary operation capabilities often needed for Industrial molded components and assemblies. Sonic welding and heat staking metal inserts, and printing are some of the many secondary services needed in today’s Industrial products.

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